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    Manny Viarrial: Manny Viarrial has been dancing for more than 34 years. His first dance styles were freestyle modern, jazz, hip-hop and hustle. He competed at Durango High and Ft. Lewis College. Every weekend he competed in "street hustle" at his high school and college. He won many dance contests in Durango, Colorado before moving to Denver.

    In 1982, Manny began taking West Coast Swing lessons at the Carter Dance studio. He studied under Levisohn Carter and an excellent studio instructor, Jean Smith. For years, Manny studied the intricacies of WCS with these two instructors. During this time, Manny won many competitions at Denver local nightclubs including, The Proof, Score Minus Two, The Castle, Bobby McGee's, Putting on the Ritz, Teddy’s and The Lift.

    In 1986, Manny met ballroom dance instructor, Karen Lee who had organized a dance team using ballroom, latin and swing choreography. Between 1986 and 1991, Karen's dance team performed West Coast Swing, Rumba, Cha Cha, East Coast Swing, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, Waltz, Tango and Hustle around Colorado and neighboring western states. Karen brought in instructors such as Buddy Schwimmer, Robert Cordoba, Enio Cordoba, Frankie Manning and Felix Chavez to name a few. These coaches were the best in the nation at the time.

    In 1990, the Rocky Mountain Swing Dance Club (RMSDC) club was formed. Manny is a proud charter member of the Rocky Mountain Swing Club. Since 1998, Manny has been recognized for his participation in Pro-Am competitions by the RMSDC Colorado State Championships and the Colorado Country Classic. In these competition many of his dance partners have and continue to receive gold and 1st place titles.

    In 1991, the Karen Lee dance team was put to the test at the US Open Swing Dance championships, Team Division. As a part of her dance team, this was Manny’s first opportunity to perform a choreographed routine with a partner in the Showcase Division. That particular routine began his WCS competition career. In 1993, Manny began teaching WCS on a part-time basis. Gaining popularity, by 1995 Manny became a full-time dance instructor.

    Manny's most cherished moment in dancing came when he was awarded the "Most Improved Dancer Award" at the 1994 US Open Swing Championships. Manny’s highest honors include winning Champion in the Sophisticated Swing division at the 2001 US Open for West Coast Swing. Since that time, Manny has placed in the top five positions in the Sophisticated Swing and Masters division.

    Manny’s other cherished moment came when he was inducted into the Colorado Rocky Mountain Swing club “HALL OF FAME!” in January of 2011. What a moment to remember. This is in recognition for all the years spent in teaching, dancing and competing over his most amazing career.

    Manny has been awarded “Top Dance Instructor” at the following Events:
    1995 thru 2012 Outstanding Teacher in Pro-Am Division: Colorado State Championships & Colorado Country Classic, Jack & Jill O’rama and Mountain Magic Competitions in Reno, Portland, Seattle and California

    Awarded the Most Improved dancer for 1994 at the US Open SDC
    2010 Colorado Country Classic Choice Award
    2001 to 2013 Top Teacher Award at the Colorado Country Classic
    2011 Inducted into the Colorado Hall of Fame
    2002, 2003 ,2004, 2011 Top Teacher Award at Mountain Magic
    1995 thru 2013 Top Teacher at the Colorado State Championships

    Beginning in 1978 to present, Manny holds over 174 first place titles in his gifted career.

    Competing at the highest level of West Coast Swing at the US Open, Manny’s greatest joy comes from helping others learn how to dance and watch them become graceful, skilled and accomplished dancers.

    Manny had the honor of being featured on the cover of two national publications - Jitter Bug and 5678 Magazines.


    Machelle Holloway
    Machelle Holloway: Machelle Holloway has been involved in teaching, Deejaying, and promoting Dance and Festivals for over 30 years! She is currrently teaching Social Dance Lessons at Casper College and the Senior Citizens Center. She continues to work with Dance Festivals in Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Ft. Wayne, & Billings, Montana. The family business is a Check Cashing Center of which she is a major part of. (Go to for more information)


    Debbie Ramsey and Ryan Boz: A great mix of classic and new! Introducing World Swing Champion and US Open Swing Champions Debbie Ramsey and Ryan Boz, who just happen to be mother and son! They represent an amazing mix of seasoned professional and the dazzle of youth! Having Debbie and Ryan together at your event or workshop weekend will bring a special touch to the event, this is a Mother/Son team that works wonderfully together and shows our dance
    community the beautiful way dance can bridge generation gaps and as well be a Family Affair! Debbie Ramsey is one of the most respected dancers, choreographers and coaches in the dance community. She is an inductee in the World Swing Dance Hall of Fame and 3 time California Hall of Fame Recipient. Competing for over 3 decades and partnering with several champion dancers she has accumulated many prestigious titles, including World Swing Champion, Queen of Swing, Virginia State Open and in the Top 5 at the US Open Swing Dance Championships for over 10 years. Debbie also was voted 3 times “Top Teacher in the USA” winning 3 Feather Awards. Semi Retiring in 2003 to raise 2 boys, she has continued to teach through the years traveling Nationally and Internationally multiple times each year bringing a NEW and innovative style to WCS that is NOW being taught by multiple instructors around the world! Debbie is now back full time traveling Nationally and Internationally teaching, emceeing, judging and DJing.

    Debbie Debbie is the founder and creator of the “Diamond Technique” a simple way to teach West Coast Swing in the “Lead back, Stay Back” styling that is becoming so poplar lately around the World. The Diamond Technique was created while teaching visually impaired dancers in 1989 to connect. Instructors new to this “popular Style” are finding it difficult to teach dancers this way of dancing WCS……. With over 26 years teaching this style, Debbie has developed a clear and easy way to teach connection and feel in the early levels of the dance and beyond. She also has developed many drills to enable students to grasp the connection and footwork with or without a partner!

    Ryan Ryan Boz has been dancing and entertaining since he was 5 years old, with his first professional gig singing the National Anthem at the July 4th Phoenix Dance Convention in 2005. Since then he has gone on to start competing in Cabaret at the age of 6 doing Hip Hop (check out you tube)

    Ryan, with his partner 15 year old Alexis Garrish, are TWO TIME US Open Swing Dance Champions, held in Burbank, CA. in the Young Adult Division. This is the highest West Coast Swing Honor that can be achieved. Ryan placed 3rd in the Cabaret Division at the 2015 US Open doing a Hip Hop/Jazz/Comedy Routine and is also a member of the 2015 US Open Carolina Shag Team Champions

    Ryan is also a working Actor, staring in “A Haunting – Dangerous Games” and Co Starring in Roles on HBO’s “Vice Principals”, “Fist Fight”, “Secret and Lies”, “Sleepy Hollow” , “Revolution” and more….

    Debbie A cute kid who is a wonderful teacher already, he brings appeal to the younger dancers and his combined WCS/Shag footwork and styling has made him popular with the adult leaders as well! Raised in the Diamond Technique Style, Ryan has a beautiful delivery in movement and simple style combined with his natural musicality and footwork. Since starting partner Dance Competitions in 2010 Ryan has placed or won in almost all of the divisions he has competed in. That is a fantastic record for a young dancer only 15 years old. A strong Cabaret competitor, Ryan has won over 8 First Place Awards and has been putting a new cabaret Hip Hop Routine on the floor every year since 2006.


    Jerry and Kathy Nusz (Sioux Falls, SD):

    YeeHaw from Souix Falls, SD ...or as Jerry says; “The Deep South” … south of North Dakota. We have been married for 47 years and have three married children with seven “wonderful” grandchildren.

    In the late 70's we began dancing and haven't stopped since. We helped start Dakota Country Dance Club in 1984 and have been active with the club since then. Jerry is the current president. Over the years in the 80's and 90's we competed in numerous competition, tough workshops, judged contests and Jerry MC'd events all across the United States.

    We started teaching dance in 1985 and still teach on a regular basis. We are presently the house instructors for Borrored Bucks Roadhouse in Souix Falls, where we have taught since 1995. Over the years we have taught most dances, but have a preference for anything country.

    To quote our friends from Utah. “If you don't dance, you're wasting your feet....”



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